A Team Approach to Dental Electronic Health Records Selection and Implementation

Technology decisions can be made by many different individuals, and often there’s a single person who makes the technology choice for a dental office. But this is a mistake. Different types of users have different types of software needs, and no matter how well one person thinks they know the practice, software that is used daily needs to be tested by those who will use it–all of them!

Mike Uretz was interviewed to discuss this topic, given his background of working with practices and multi-clinic groups to select and implement EHRs and other software. Dental Products Report interviewed him to discuss the roles and functions to consider, as well as why a team approach is best. Check out the video interview:

Just as dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, office managers, and front and back office staff members contribute their part to the overall operations of an efficient dental practice, staff members will use EHRs in different ways to contribute to the overall workflow of your practice. Over the years, I have sat in on numerous selection meetings with practice clients in which the old saying, “You can’t satisfy everyone all the time” kept running through in my head. People have different tastes … and when it comes to evaluating features of an EHR system some might like certain features and others different features. So, at the end of the day, there might need to be a little compromise in order to get a system that works for everyone.


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