Are You Ready for the Dental Electronic Health Records Revolution?

Next Generation” dental electronic health records (EHR) are quickly and dramatically changing the landscape for how dentistry is conducted. Patient care, communication, and clinical workflows are ever changing. Accountability and reimbursement models are looking markedly different because of the ability of this technology. And the growing concern over HIPAA and practice liability are coming to the forefront.

The federal government has EHR incentive programs that provide up to $63,750 per eligible dentist for implementing certified technology. And the state of Minnesota, as a precursor of things to come on a national level, has just introduced an EHR mandate backed by state legislation. After having recently conducted the first dental EHR workshop for the Minnesota Dental Association, I was pleasantly surprised at the large turnout and numerous questions posed by dentists eager to learn more about how they will be impacted.


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