New HIPAA Omnibus rules are a game changer

Question: So what makes September 23, 2013 so special?

Answer: This marks the date for all dental providers to be compliant with the new HIPAA Omnibus rules, a sweeping change to the original HIPAA rules of the past few years.

Team EHR: Support (will your dental software vendor walk the walk?)

Having just conducted an EHR workshop for the Minnesota Dental Association, I was pleasantly surprised that many dentists and practice managers in attendance were not only aware of the enactment of the new HIPAA rules but also bombarded me with questions regarding how they can be assured that they are HIPAA compliant. Of course, the fact that penalties have been extended to a potential liability of $50,000 per occurrence and $1.5 million aggregate per year has helped fuel this interest and thirst for information. And, in addition to federal penalties, were seeing more state and local lawsuits involving HIPAA.


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