Dental Cloud 9 Introduces Analytics and Business Intelligence to Dental Industry

DC9 logoDental Cloud 9 is exploring ways to increase practice productivity and improve patient care through the integration of analytics and business intelligence tools within dental electronic health records and practice management software. This includes the ability to benchmark the performance of your practice against standards and averages reported by other practices contributing data to an administrative and clinical repository.

Medical software and electronic health records have integrated these types of tools for a few years now and both providers and office managers  have found that analyzing specific practice management and clinical care measures, in conjunction with reviewing the data against benchmarks and evidence-based information, can lead to both administrative and clinical improvements.

Dental Cloud 9 is introducing providers and administrators to these concepts and is helping to bring  these same tools to the dental industry.

Mike Uretz interviews Dr. Mitchell Elligson CEO of Dental Cloud Nine about the future of analytics and  business intelligence in the dental industry as well as how he has use these tools within his own practice.


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