Dig Into Dental ePrescribing with Henry Schein’s Nate Nelson

Nate Nelson, Henry Schein Product Marketing Manager

Nate Nelson, Henry Schein Product Marketing Manager

Henry Schein is one of the largest providers of dental practice management software. Nate Nelson, Product Marketing Manager for Henry Schein in confident in his company’s ability to provide all of the necessary services to keep the nation’s dental practices up-to-date with software that will streamline the electronic prescribing process.

How does Henry Schein integrate electronic prescribing into their services?

In order to provide dentists with the best electronic prescribing software, Henry Schein partnered with Allscripts. This software integration allows dentists and hygienists to access a plethora of patient and drug information without having to repeat unnecessary steps every time a drug is prescribed. Henry Schein has worked to create a streamlined interface that feels and looks the same across all platforms and is user-centric.

What benefits do practices receive from the use of electronic prescribing?

Electronic prescribing has unlimited benefits for practices. Practices can reduce the time it takes to input data, it prevents dangerous drug interactions, tracks drug allergies, send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, reduces dosage errors and more! These benefits will help dentists run their practices more efficiently while still providing the best care possible for their patients.


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