Dosespot CEO Greg Waldstreicher Discusses Dental ePrescribing

How does Dosespot make their ePrescribing software standout?

Greg Waldstreicher, CEO Dosespot

Greg Waldstreicher, CEO Dosespot

The landscape of electronic prescribing is changing quickly and Dosespot is staying up-to-date with state mandates and the most current software. Greg Waldstreicher, CEO of Dosespot talks with Mike Uretz about Dosespot’s unique Surescripts & EPCS certified e-Prescribing platforms allows health professionals to streamline the prescribing process while ensuring patient safety and security on this week’s Dental Software Advisor Podcast.

What are some special electronic prescribing features Dosespot provide dentists?

In 2011, Dosespot decided to partner with Lexicomp, a leader in dental pharmacology information, to provide the best data for dentists during the prescribing process. Dosespot has included a variety of electronic prescribing features that make the process easy and secure.

How do government regulations affect electronic prescribing?

In March 2015, New York will be the first state to mandate the use of electronic prescribing. Waldstreicher feels that this is a great direction for practices across the nation. In addition to this mandate, the Federal Government has implemented new regulations regarding the prescribing of controlled substances. Dosespot has been EPCS certified and allows dentists to prescribe controlled substances without issue.

What is the future of electronic prescribing?

The benefits of electronic prescribing are plentiful and range from ease of use to patient safety. By integrating electronic prescribing into the daily function of an office, employees can cut down on time working with paper and pen and get to working with patients. The electronic prescription industry is continuing to grow and according to Greg Waldstreicher, states will start mandating the use of electronic prescribing at a quicker rate.


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