EHR Incentives and the Final Meaningful Use Ruling

Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice

Meaningful use continues to confuse many dental practices, and there have been many regulatory changes that add to that confusion. However, a final ruling from the ONC has now happened. This podcast discusses meaningful use for dentists with Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice.

Who is an eligible provider? In general, there are two programs to consider: Medicaid and Medicare. Oral surgeons, endodontists and sleep apnea/TMJ specialists are likely to be Medicare eligible, depending on their patient population. Seventy-eighty percent of pediatric dentists see Medicaid patients, and the ADA says 14% of dentists see Medicaid patients. Eligibility is by provider, which means that there are many more practices who are eligible, if they have a provider who qualifies for the incentive.

To receive the incentive, a dental practice must purchase a certified EHR software. MacPractice is one of the few ONC-certified dental options. What features and functionality are required for certification? What are the specifications that can enhance patient care? What does certification mean for interoperability? What tools are available for dental practices to attest for meaningful use?


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