Marshfield Clinic Oral Systemic Health and the future of Dental EHRs


In this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, I sit down with Dr. Amit Acharya, Director of the Institute for Oral and Systemic Health and Associate Research Scientist in the Biomedical Information Research Center at the Marshfield Clinic, to discuss oral systemic health research and Dental EHR design and architecture. According to Dr. Acharya, integration of medical and dental information is a vital component for the wide spread EHR success.

The dental community is becoming a larger part of the EHR community and the integration of oral systemic health research and medical research into EHR platforms is vital. For certain patients with diagnoses like diabetes, there are direct correlations between dental checkups and physical checkups. Integrated dental-medical EHR platforms would allow dentists and doctors to communicate concerns, updates and changes to a patient’s care.

The Marshfield Clinic has developed one of the first dental-medical integrated EHR platform that allows physicians to view dental records and information and visa-versa. Dr. Acharya discusses how important this is when it comes to treating patients with certain diagnoses. This transition of data between the two care providers allows for a more complete care system to be developed for patients.

In the interview we go on to discuss more aspects of future EHR platforms including better clinical decision support, the future of EHR integration, oral systemic health research and the role of dental records in medical EHR platforms. In the end it comes down to the fact that when both the physician and dentist can see both dental and medical records, they are able to provide better care for their patients.

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