Mobile Technology In the Dental Office

As tablets, smartphones and other devices become ubiquitous, dental practices often need to adapt. How can these devices assist with routine tasks and improve workflow throughout the practice?

Mark Hollis, the CEO of MacPractice

Mark Hollis CEO of MacPractice

This podcast discusses the use of tablets with MacPractice’s software, and what happens when a patient uses a tablet instead of a clipboard for check-in and record population. Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice, to talk about how data is entered, transferred and viewed. From taking patient photos to color-coding the front desk and clinical schedules, mobile technologies allow for rapid, one-time patient data entry. Each data element is discrete and editable, allowing hygienists and dentists to update and alter information to meet practice standards or add more detail.

Mobile technologies can streamline patient check-in, but can also assist with viewing images of dental health and potential dental treatments. In addition, MacPractice’s data integration allows practitioners to select what type of interface they’d like to use: desktop, laptop, tablet. Depending on the type of interaction, dentists can select which interface will work best, and data are synced across all of the platforms. Mobile technologies give dentists more choices.


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